Chernobyl, UkraineChernobyl mem ff in front of admin building-Chernobyl NR 6cher mem nr 4-Cher city sign pri-Third Angel Statue, Chernobyl Ukraine-2Ferris Wheel Chernobyl Ukraine-2Mural in Chernobyl Ukraine-2Hotel in Chernobyl Ukraine-Patient Room in Chernobyl Hospital-School Gym in Chernobyl-2unfinished NR in Chernobyl-2No.4 light water graphite moderated reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power PlantPripyat swimming pool-2Cleanup truck abandoned due to radioactivity-Soccer Stadium 1-The shame of it all-The start of the Red Forest-Glory to the Soviet People - The People are Victorious -Memorial to the firefighters who gave their life fighting the nuclear fire.-