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The entrance to the city of ChernobylThird Angel Statue, Chernobyl Ukraine-2Memorial to the firefighters who gave their life fighting the nuclear fire.-Cooling Tower for NR 6 at Chernobyl-Chernobyl NR 6Memorial to the Doctors that worked on the firemen.ChernobylNo.4 light water graphite moderated reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plantunfinished NR in Chernobyl-2Chernobyl city welcome sign.The start of the Red Forest-School Gym in ChernobylAshes to ashes, funk to funky - We know Major Tom's a junkieDoctor's glove that was used to treat the firemen - very radioactive-Patient Room in Chernobyl Hospital-Hotel in Chernobyl Ukraine-Mural in Chernobyl Ukraine-2The shame of it all-Ferris Wheel Chernobyl Ukraine-2Soccer Stadium 1-

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